If you stop making these mistakes you’re going to get way more traction on the social web. Doesn’t matter if you are using YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram.

 1. Don’t post too often

Everyone believes that if you want to do good on social media you should post 10 times a day. Often business owners believe that the more you post the more you will get seen.

This might work for twitter but you only have a certain amount of followers and bay throwing content in their face constantly will defiantly affect your business, and not in a good way. For most social sites you are not going to do well with this tactic.

Too much information will start wearing out your followers and they are going to start ignoring your hard earned pieces of valued content.

Pro Tip: Try to post once a day. I’m not talking about live video or Instagram stories, I’m talking about a Facebook post or Instagram image ext.

2. Don’t be mediocre

Now that you know you only want to post once a day, that content has to be AMAZING.  If your consumers don’t like it, they are not going to engage or comment. This doesn’t mean you need to be a graphic designer or a marketing genius. With the right tips, you can create amazing content.

If your struggling with great content go to https://buzzsumo.com/, type in your keyword for your industry. It will show you wats popular on the social web already.

3. Not leveraging Video

Video is the future. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn all these social platforms are competing for your attention as it’s the single most valuable asset for a business. It’s even competing agents Live TV. I’m talking about your actual TV at home.

These social sites are carving for that attention. They would you rather watch cat videos on YouTube or Facebook that watching DSTV or Netflix. So they want you to upload videos

Pro Tip: If you upload videos content you get 2-3 times more engagement and views that just uploading an image.

4. Not engaging fast enough

Another mistake that a lot of business owners make on their social platforms is that they are not engaging in the first hour.

The way most social algorithms work is whatever does extremely well in the first hour after posting continuously goes viral.

It’s like the opposite of SEO, equally important but a long term game. With SEO your lucky if your content ranks fist after 60 days. With social networks, it’s the complete opposite.

Pro Tip: If you have an email list, promote that video to your email list so you can drive more engagement.

You want to push things hard in the first hour it goes live, it will rank higher on YouTube ore over the next 24 hours it will get more views and shares on Facebook.

Not engaging

Social is like a 2-way street. If you ask me a question in person and I did not answer, you’d be pissed. That’s how social media works, YOU NEED TO ENGAGE WITH OTHER PEOPLE.

If your follows leave a comment, make sure you respond. Even if their comment feels like not worth your time. It’s all about value. 1 Valued client is worth 10 000 followers.

Even if it’s a comment like” hey this is a nice blog” Then you will see me respond to it saying “thanks, glad you have enjoyed it.” Why? Because social media is a 2-way street. It’s important for me to communicate with you and for you to communicate with me.

If you communicate more and you have those responses to every single comment you’ll find that over time you’re going to get much more shares, views, and likes.